• Tip n Store School Dining Tables

Easy to handle… Quick to set out… Dynamic in use… Compact to store…

Tip ‘n’ Store dining units are compact and versatile making them ideal for rapid setup of dining spaces, classrooms and small group areas.

They are compact and easy to move through doorways, within rooms. 24 units – enough to seat nearly 100 people – will store in under five square metres.

A carefully considered seat to table top proportion ensures a comfortable seating position. Units store simply by tipping them onto castors at one end and wheeling them into a ‘queue’.

They can be supplied in a range of finishes and colours.

Tip ‘n’ Store dining units satisfy UK Manual Handling Regulations – meaning they can be handled effortlessly within the body’s normal range of movement for lifting.

No trapped fingers, no mechanisms to service, and safe to use.

Extremely robust construction

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