Who Should you buy yours from:

1: The Design Company

2, An Agent.

The design company has the advantage of understanding: The types of use.
The loading potential
Who it was designed for.
Compliance with Health and Safety Regulations.
Any size or height restrictions. The ability for construction stage sets or stage tiers for audience seating or performers.
Ease of construction, of storage fitting handrails, + lighting features and drapes.
Shows enthusiasm in explaining and if needed demonstrating the equipment on site.

2: An Agent
Maybe more interested in turnover than solutions !

NB: Aalborg staff originally owned Stage Systems and designed all stages. They also designed the stage currently manufactured by Gratnells.

Modular, lightweight and robust

Perfect  in schools, universities, colleges, community halls, conference centres, performance venues… the applications are endless!

A versatile and easy to use solution. Assembled without tools and packs away into a compact, wheeled storage trolley. A totally modular staging system – lightweight, robust and compliant with current health and safety regulations.

Components can be assembled in almost limitless combinations. So simple it can be assembled by supervised children as young as eight… Great fun in its own right!

Performance staging, conference platforms, multi-level stage sets, audience tiers, the basis for coursework displays… all quickly created.

Available standard kits, with 750mm x 750mm or 900mm x 750mm Decks.

Kits include a number of 450mm high units, decks, steps units, trims and are available in sizes to make super strong flat stages covering areas ranging from 6.75m² -18m².

All kits can just as easily be used to create split level and tiered arrangements – and can be added to with additional components to make larger arrangements in the future.

Starter Kit

Builds a 3m x 2.25m x 450mm high stage.

Ki1 1

Builds a 4.5m x 2,25m x 450mm high stage.

Kit 2

Builds a 4.5m x 3m x 450mm high stage.

Kit 3

Builds a 6m x 3m x 450mm high stage.tt

The following kits are for building stages, sets and the basis for tiering.

Employing 750mm x 900mm units.

Perfect for creating stages ,extensions and drama sets. Also, use to tier spectators and performers indoors and out (contact us for advice)

Kit 1a

Builds a 4.5m x 2.7m x 450mm high stage.

Kit 2a

Builds a 6m x 2.7m x 450mm high stage.

Kit 3a

Builds a 6m x 3.6m x 450mm high stage.

More details are shown in images featured in the gallery below.

Seek advice from the Designers.

We do not sell staging online. Only discussing with customers can our  experience of  stages we’ve designed help to understand which stage is not only best for your purposes, and provides best value.

Call +44 (0)1509 264112 and let us help you to make an informed purchase.

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