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Remember if you can work from home at this present time please do so, stay safe.

If you need height adjustable chairs or desks contact us for details .

Ready Assembled

A quick reminder to all our customers.

We always try and make sure all our products are delivered ready assembled.

Shell Chair Offer

Aalborg Shell Chairs

Our latest offer:

Order in lots of 30 to get the chairs at £30.00 each plus VAT.

Order  or enquire to take advantage of  this offer.

Delivery dates and times will be confirmed near the time.

Children Learning

Children Learning


When children are uncomfortable at school it often effects CONCENTRATION

                                                                                        and this affects LEARNING

                                                                                        and this affects GRADES

Sitting or squatting at home over iPhones, iPods or the TV

plus too little exercise can lead to serious BACKPAIN in later life.

YET the most commonly used school and workplace furniture in the UK is some of the WORST in the world!

Often resulting in lifelong backpain and ABSENTIISM.

The UK has some of the very best designers and architects but some of the worst buyers.

Cheapest is not always the best……….only cheapest!

Aalborg furniture is fully tested certificated by FIRA and BEST VALUE.






50% OFF Class Desk Sets

During these uncertain times, we all need to help each other out anyway we can.

As a company we are offering our class desk sets at 50% OFF. while stocks last.

Order in lots of 30 to take advantage of this offer.

For more information contact us via or telephone :01509 264112

Aalborg Workstations in Hall

Covid-19 Update

Following the news of the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges that are now in place, we would like to assure all our customers that we are taking seriously the safety of our workforce, adhering to government guidelines and aiming to have minimum interruption in our Business.

We are continuing to provide customer care, quotations, consultation and ongoing support as necessary either by email or by telephone.

Please bear with us if emails or telephone calls take longer to respond too.

Stay safe and look after each other.


The / Adept Workplace Solutions Ltd Team.





Home Schooling Desks

Looking for a home schooling desk . Have a look at what we can offer you.

Our class desks can come with either a shell chair or height adjustable saddle stool.

Class Desk and chair

Class Desk with a Shell Chair

Adjustable Saddle Stools

Height adjustable saddle stool.

Our Home schooling desk and chair / stool sets are £ vat.

Contact us for more information .

Shell Chair Offer

February Offer Extended until April 1st  on Ready Assembled Shell Chairs

Aalborg Shell ChairsDiffernt chair heights

For the Month of February we are offering our ready assembled Shell Chairs

for £34 pounds each plus vat for orders over 30.

Heights available are 525mm and 585mm (.Limited stock on 525mm )

contact us for more details.

Customer Feedback.

Customer quote:

“For everyone, my recommendation would be to deal with Aalborgdk.
A little bit of experience is a wonderful thing!

“From my first conversation with Dave. I was dealing with someone who was interested, motivated to help, and knew the product and the accessories/parts that are ( or should be ) available.”

Saddle Stools Spark Interest

Our saddle stools are sparking interest from businesses and schools since the start of the year.

People are realising the benefits of the saddle stool.

With its height adjustable gas lifts it can help reduce back pain. And be used in any environment.

Compact designed to store easily .

Cost effective.


Adjustable Saddle Stools

The standard range of colours