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Our connection with Denmark

Aalborg is the name given to our range of postural furniture for schools, hospitals, office and factory workers amongst others. As we say, our products are designed and made in Britain with influence from Denmark, a country known for excellence in design and in education, and the birthplace of leading authority Dr. Chresten Mandal. Over […]

5 Top Tips For Improving Posture At Work

Do you spend hours sat at your desk? More people than ever are suffering from back and neck pain within their workplace whether that be in your employer’s office or in your home office. So here are 5 top tips for great posture Correct Chair Height Making sure that your chair is at the right […]

Saddle Stool eases Lorna’s back pain

“This stool may look a bit weird but it’s a wonderful piece of kit if you spend a lot time sitting in front of a computer like me. It makes it feel natural to sit up straight without slumping. In fact you can feel it tightening your ‘core’ muscles. It’s a mini workout at your […]

Staging for Schools

Gratnells are now doing a super efficient job at both making and supplying our Aalborg stage within a quarter of the time most others respond. Contact either us or Gratnells on 0800 1696854 with your order/s for immediate dispatch within the week. To our previous ah07.com customers, do please note… It’s the same Aalborg stage, […]

Huge interest is being shown in our Saddle Stools

Anthony and Jayne were recently in San Francisco for their daughter’s birthday. By chance they received invitations to meet musicians, large business leaders and a chiropractor all of whom expressed huge interest in our posture related products. Our Saddle Stools happen to be hugely more comfortable than the more cumbersome and costly local alternatives – […]

Find out more about how Aalborg furniture makes a real difference…

Since my first involvement as part of the ‘Education Committee’ for BackCare the charity promoting healthier backs and good posture, and our consequential financial support, a slow understanding has emerged of how bad posture, a lack of exercise and the carrying of too heavy back packs is causing real pain and consequential damage, some life […]

Aalborg furniture recommended by the Education division of Osmond Ergonomics

With over 20 years’ experience in workplace wellbeing and productivity, Osmond Ergonomics has – much like Aalborg – long recognised the health risks associated with using technology for long periods in poor postures. Osmond specialises in products and services which help to improve posture and reduce the risk of health problems. They select products for […]