Education ergonomics

Aalborg furniture recommended by the Education division of Osmond Ergonomics

With over 20 years’ experience in workplace wellbeing and productivity, Osmond Ergonomics has – much like Aalborg – long recognised the health risks associated with using technology for long periods in poor postures.

Osmond specialises in products and services which help to improve posture and reduce the risk of health problems. They select products for their quality, function and value – working with a renowned paediatric physiotherapist to identify the best and most effective designs on the market.

Aalborg are delighted to now have our furniture range recommended and supplied by such a knowledgeable, responsible and authoritative company… One which shares our philosophy for well-conceived and durable furniture.

Visit their website for ideas, or contact their Customer Service team for advice and assistance.

t: 0845 345 0898