• Aalborg Workstation

Schools are changing. Entire buildings as well as their ‘learning spaces’ are being designed with flexibility at the core…

Groups of students are frequently required to move about, to interact, to be part of a team.

So the workstation – in Aalborg’s case, a desk and saddle combination – must also be flexible. Workstation F has a fixed height and is particularly suited to exam hall use.

Workstation V is fitted with wheels to allow ease of movement from a white board, to a screen, or to a projection on another wall entirely. Please contact us for further details on this version.

Manoeuvrabillity, together with the abillity for ‘shunting’ units together for compact storage, simplifies floor cleaning or the re-use of space.

Aalborg Workstations are stable, easy to store and suitable for a range of student sizes. Thy’re also suited to home use by the growing child, 6-16 year olds will fit!

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