Improve Your Posture

5 Top Tips For Improving Posture At Work

Do you spend hours sat at your desk?

More people than ever are suffering from back and neck pain within their workplace whether that be in your employer’s office or in your home office.

So here are 5 top tips for great posture

  1. Correct Chair Height

Making sure that your chair is at the right height for you is essential for great posture.

Your chair should allow you to place both feet flat on the floor or on a footrest without stretching. And should allow you to sit comfortably at your desk.

  1. Desk Set Up & Height

If you spend a lot of time desk bound ensuring that you have a practical lay out where things can be easily reached will greatly help your posture.

Making sure everything you need is within easy reach to help avoid over stretching.

It is essential that your desk is at the right height for you also, once seated with your chair at the correct height your elbows should be bent at 90 degrees and parallel to the desk, allowing you to rest your forearms comfortably on the desk in front of you.

  1. Get up & Move

Taking regular breaks from your seated position at your desk is good for:

  • Encouraging blood flow
  • Stretching those muscles
  • Allows you to get those joints moving
  • Strengthens abdominal muscles
  • Gives your eyes a well earned rest from the screen
  1. Use a Sit Stand Desk

Sit stand desks are becoming really popular within the work place.

These types of desks have massive benefits to both employers and employees.

Desks like these can quickly be adjusted so a great solution if you need to hot desk or share a flexible office space.

They give you the opportunity to stand with ease without interrupting your workflow.

  1. Don’t Cradle a Phone Between Your Ear and Neck

 Tilting your head to the side to cradle a phone is not a great idea for long periods of time.

Tilting and holding your head in this position multiple times a day can cause neck pain later on.

If you do need your hands free to type etc, consider using a headset, these are now widely available and inexpensive to buy.

In short, incorporating these small changes in to your day will go a long way to helping you improve your posture.

Why not see how many you can incorporate into your day today?

If you would like to find out more about posture and ergonomic furniture please get in touch where we will be very happy to send out some further information.