Stage Kit

Staging for Schools

Gratnells are now doing a super efficient job at both making and supplying our Aalborg stage within a quarter of the time most others respond. Contact either us or Gratnells on 0800 1696854 with your order/s for immediate dispatch within the week.

To our previous customers, do please note… It’s the same Aalborg stage, now supplied swiftly worldwide!

Designer Anthony Hill is very happy to discuss both perceptions and details relating to your potential need for staging or audience / choral tiering, so please don’t hesitate to give him a call on +44 (0)1509 264112

Aalborg Saddle Stools

Huge interest is being shown in our Saddle Stools

Anthony and Jayne were recently in San Francisco for their daughter’s birthday. By chance they received invitations to meet musicians, large business leaders and a chiropractor all of whom expressed huge interest in our posture related products.

Our Saddle Stools happen to be hugely more comfortable than the more cumbersome and costly local alternatives – especially for musicians. They were also felt to be lighter and easier to transport by air worldwide – a huge benefit to touring musicians particularly.