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Since my first involvement as part of the ‘Education Committee’ for BackCare the charity promoting healthier backs and good posture, and our consequential financial support, a slow understanding has emerged of how bad posture, a lack of exercise and the carrying of too heavy back packs is causing real pain and consequential damage, some life long, to children as early as primary school age, much of it caused by bad school furniture.

Evidence shows a growing problem with children complaining of discomfort and the sort of pain stultifying concentration and learning. Teenagers and especially teenage girls are having not only their school life ruined but are increasingly in real pain.

Recent BackCare demonstrations reported in both the press and on TV serve to demonstrate areas of distress. Visit the ‘Downloads’ section of this site and read leaflets, written in association with world respected authorities on the subject. Also, visit the BackCare charity’s own website  at for even more reports and background reading on the issue.

The consequences of poor seating especially from early years is detrimental to our learning, long-term health and to our comfort.

Anthony Hill

Education ergonomics

Aalborg furniture recommended by the Education division of Osmond Ergonomics

With over 20 years’ experience in workplace wellbeing and productivity, Osmond Ergonomics has – much like Aalborg – long recognised the health risks associated with using technology for long periods in poor postures.

Osmond specialises in products and services which help to improve posture and reduce the risk of health problems. They select products for their quality, function and value – working with a renowned paediatric physiotherapist to identify the best and most effective designs on the market.

Aalborg are delighted to now have our furniture range recommended and supplied by such a knowledgeable, responsible and authoritative company… One which shares our philosophy for well-conceived and durable furniture.

Visit their website for ideas, or contact their Customer Service team for advice and assistance.

t: 0845 345 0898

Aalborg Worldwide distribution

Aalborg – going the extra mile in Florida, Texas, North America and Asia.

We have recently appointed Contrax Furniture in Florida and Paragon in Texas as prime agents in the USA. Mitybilt in Canada has just re-ordered a large number of saddle stools and Agents in both South Korea and Japan will shortly come on line where each has exhibitions soon to exhibit our equipment.

Large orders for all our products from inside the UK also suggests that our huge investment in quality design and in tooling is paying off. Amongst recent customers are: Primary Schools from all parts of the UK, a large Village Hall and several major orders from Centre Stage Engineering and Drama by Design for stages and seating; Kent County Supplies, Yorkshire schools, London Boroughs for School furniture including repeat orders of Tip n Store dining tables.

After 40 years of trading, Anthony and Jayne Hill with Bruce Renfrew of Renfrew International have designed all products to both comply with all international standards and become available for high volume production in the UK.

Designed and manufactured with care in the UK but with inspiration from Denmark where education matters