• Portable Staging

A stage for all

Since 5th October 2015, the Original Aalborg Portable Staging System is fully manufactured and sold by Gratnells Ltd, of Harlow, Essex.

Aalborg Stage is perfect for use in primary and secondary schools, universities and colleges, as well as for use within community halls and performance venues.

Created by renowned industrial designer Anthony Hill, the system offers a flexible, versatile and easy to use solution. It can be assembled without tools and packs away into a compact wheeled storage trolley.

Modular, lightweight and robust

The Original Aalborg Stage is a modular staging system – lightweight, robust and compliant with all known health and safety requirements.

Components can be assembled in almost limitless combinations. Performance staging, conference platforms, multi-level stage sets, audience tiers, the basis for coursework displays are all quickly created.

Components are light to handle enabling simple configurations to be assembled by children as young as eight.

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